Buy our products!

Starting today, our faboulous products can be purchased from Clas Ohlsons webshop! Surely, it will not be long now until these darlings will be hanging around in all stores. Click on the image or here to purchase yours right away!

Design protection

Finally, our CordFIX products have design protection. Thank you Mr Postman for bringing such pleasant news!

Official website

vit_liten3 Very soon, our products will hit the market. So, we figured it is time to open the doors to our brand new website and reveal what we're up to. Enjoy!

From all of Us, to all of You

onclick="'','popup','width=600,height=600'); return false;"> Christmas is just around the corner, so we let the christmas spirit inspire us for the third (and last, for now) teaser. See y'all next year! Watch it

Our first commercial video

onclick="'','popup','width=600,height=600'); return false;"> Proud to announce that our first commercial video is out in the open. Watch it