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About CordFIX

The idea behind

Electric cables are slowly but surely taking over our lives. We love the widgets but most of us just are not as happy about the cables they so often come with. They create chaos behind our computers and tv:s, under our sofas and beds, gathering dust and gets you all tangled up cleaning. In short words; There just had to be a better way!

Contact & Feedback

Are you interested in getting to know CordFIX products even better? Thinking of becoming a retailer? Or do you have some great tips of how we can improve our products?
Feel free to contact us at Ingenjörsbyrå Forma for more info.

CordFIX & The environment

All CordFIX products are made of ABS plastics and no prohibited contents are used. All our manufacturers, both for products and packagins, are located in Sweden and we have excellent control over the work they do and the materials used. All products and packages can and should be recycled.


Both CordFIX logo and all products presented on this website are intellectual property of Ingenjörsbyrå Forma. This means than any images on this site may not be used without permission. All kinds of copying, misuse or misleading information regarding CordFIX products are prohibited.

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